Goldie getting married to Prezzo in February-TheNETNG

  Prezzo and Goldie have been almost everywhere together.They have been able to attract so much attention since they started their romance inside the Big Brother Africa star game show some months back. A friend calls it artificial love or artificial romance. Well, we have seen so many artificial romance turning into reality.     […]

Keagan wins 2012 Big Brother Africa star game

South Africa’s Keagan finally won the the 2012 Big Brother Africa star game show. He was declared shortly after four other housemates where evicted this evening leaving him and only Prezzo for some few minutes in the house. Click here to read more


The Big Brother Africa 2012 star game show comes to an end this Sunday. Almost everyone have started talking about the likely winner of what is regarded as the biggest reality show on the continent of Africa. Could it be Talia or Prezzo?Click here to read more and predict